Little Cottage by the River

Written by John King.


Welcome to our “Little Cottage by the River”

We want you to enjoy your stay and to benefit as much as possible through the time you spend here.

Our main purpose in providing this small retreat is to encourage occupants to consider spending their time in practicing the Gift of Solitude. In establishing this goal we realized that most people do not know what to do with the gift of solitude and therefore have never practiced it. Don’t feel bad! I didn’t know what to do with it either until I was forced to try it. Then I found it was contagious! Now I feel very deprived if I can’t get away for some regular time alone with me and my Father.

My biggest hurdle to overcome was the question: “What do I do with and during solitude?”


  • 2445 Northey's Bay Rd.
    Lakefield, ON K0L 2H0